Best Web Design Agency in Hong Kong (2019)

Web Design Service

We’re a team of web design freelancers who partner with businesses to design and develop premium websites.

Web Design and Development in Hong Kong

Looking for a Hong Kong web design company? Hong Kong businesses choose mDOJO. Enhance your companies online presence with mDOJO’s web designers. Get the quality design, build, performance, design and technology you need to give your customers a good experience. Hong Kong freelance web designers offer customized websites for personal brands and businesses including ecommerce web design.

Hong Kong businesses, listen up! mDOJO offers a unique approach to web design service Hong Kong has been waiting for. Get mDOJO web design and development service today!

What We Do

With clients from all over the world, we specialize in custom WordPress theme designs. We create websites for public figures and small to medium-sized businesses with diverse backgrounds ranging from agencies, bloggers, business coaches, consultants, lawyers and medical practitioners.

The Benefits

Premium, Specially Crafted Site​

  • Improved credibility
  • You will attract clients 24/7
  • Easier to maintain and edit
  • A better connection with your audience
  • Establishes you as the expert
  • Easier for search engines to find
  • Information is easier to find on your site, which reduces support calls and improves customer satisfaction.

Key Features

To future-proof your website, we only use WordPress; the world’s most popular and valuable website system.


Clean. Minimal. Powerful. Your ideas brought to reality with custom WordPress theme designs.


Focused on performance. Super fast and optimized for SEO. Clean build and free from any bugs/errors.


Fully responsive across all modern devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).


Robust. Feature rich and well supported base framework. Using the latest functionality.

Customized To Your Business

Great news for business wanting web design service in Hong Kong. Working with mDOJO means you’ll have the freedom to update your pages without help from a programmer. Think of all the money you’ll save once we’ve built your site and trained you how to use it. We work with you directly to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes and only stop once you’re happy with the results.

What Our Clients Have to Say